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The Barton to Cleethorpes railway line was opened by the Manchester, Sheffield & Lincolnshire Railway (MS&LR) in several stages between 1848 and 1863.

It was built primarily to provide access to the convenient ferry service between New Holland and Hull.  It still serves Hull, via a bus link over the Humber Bridge, and is a vital commuter and shopper link with Grimsby and Cleethorpes.

23 miles in length, this scenic branch line passes through the flat and pretty North Lincolnshire countryside, serving many stations and communities along the way including the historic Thornton Abbey.

Spectacular views of the Humber estuary and Humber Bridge can be had from the Barton end of the line while at Cleethorpes the station enjoys a prominent position on the promenade, enabling passengers to alight from the train straight onto the seafront and beach.

The line today is run by Northern Rail which maintains a two hourly service using 153 Diesel Units.

The Barton to Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership works in any way that it can to maintain the positive outlook of the line’s future.  Its main aim is to attract more passengers to the line by station improvements, events, and general marketing activities.

Last updated  8 January 2019

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