The Barton Cleethorpes Community Rail Partnership believes that the railway should be accessible to all members of the community.  We work with Northern to make sure that our trains and stations cater for people with most common disabilities. 


Details of the services that Northern provide for disabled customers may be obtained by contacting their Customer Relations Assistance Helpline

Freephone : 08081 561606

textphone : 08456 045608

email :


A copy of Northern’s Disabled People’s Protection Policy (DPPP) is also available by contacting their Customer Relations team on the above numbers.

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The trains used on this line are Northern’s class 153 units.  All the trains carry an access ramp on board.  If you require assistance boarding a train  simply signal to the conductor.

These trains all have a toilet but in most cases it is not accessible with a wheelchair.

There is accommodation for wheelchairs but we regret that mobility scooters cannot be accommodated on the trains unless they can be folded, due to restricted manoeuvrability and stability.



The accessibility of each station is summarised below.  For further details click on the station name which links to National Rail site and look under ‘Accessibility and mobility access’


Barton upon Humber

The station has a car park with disabled spaces.  It is an unstaffed station with no toilets but does have a small waiting shelter.  There is level access from the car park onto the platform and the platform has bevelled edging.


Barrow Haven

This small unstaffed station has a waiting shelter but no toilets. The platform is fully accessible from the small car park and the road and has bevelled edging.


New Holland

New Holland is again unstaffed but has a waiting shelter.  The platform has bevelled edging and is easily reached on a level from the road where there is plenty of parking.



This is another unmanned station with no toilet facilities.  It does have a waiting shelter on the Cleethorpes bound platform.  Both platforms have bevelled edging and level access and there is plenty of space to park nearby.


Thornton Abbey

This tiny unstaffed station has level access to its platform but it does involve negotiating a gate and crossing the line.  There is a waiting shelter and a Harrington hump which makes accessing the trains easier.



Unmanned station, level access to its one platform, no toilet facilities, small waiting shelter.



This station is umanned but has its own car park with level access straight onto the platform.  The platform has bevelled edging and a small waiting shelter.



An unmanned station with no facilities, it does have level access onto both its bevelled edged platforms and waiting shelters.  Parking available on roads nearby.



This station is unstaffed and has no toilet facilities.  There is level access onto both platforms but both have small gates to open. Waiting shelters on both platforms, customer information screens and limited parking nearby.


Great Coates

Another unstaffed station with waiting shelters on all both of its bevelled edged platforms.  It has on road parking and level access onto the platforms.  Harrington humps have been fitted on both platforms to raise them to train height.


Grimsby Town

This is a staffed station with accessible toilets, baby changing and refreshments available.  It has waiting rooms and departure screens on all three platforms.   A footbridge with lifts and stairs links platform 1 to platforms 2 & 3.  There is a car park with 4 disabled spaces.


Grimsby Docks

Small unstaffed station with no facilities except a small waiting shelter.  No parking nearby but level access onto its one platform. 


New Clee

Unstaffed station with no parking nearby.  It has no facilities save a small waiting shelter.  It has level access from the road to the platform.



This station is staffed and has its own car park with 2 disabled spaces.  Fully accessible onto all platforms it has toilets with baby changing, refreshment facilities, an induction loop, departure screens and waiting rooms.


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