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A Hard Climb - by Ronald Sparkes


Ever since spending our honeymoon in North Wales in 1961, my wife Dorothy and I have been keen walkers. One of our favourite walks is Snowdon mountain. We have climbed Snowdon many times along all the different paths. After a 10 year break we decided to have a go this year. I must say I was a little doubtful as to whether I could do it. I knew Dorothy could do it, she is a keep fit fanatic.


We started the ascent at 9am and after some aching limbs we reached the Summit at 1pm. The descent took 3 hrs. We can now say we have climbed  Snowdon over 20 times by Shank’s Pony!!


We are now looking forward to Scafell Pike later this year"


The climb begins


The second photo shows the other way to climb Snowdon, via the famous mountain railway.

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